Flaherty Family

During my week back home for Thanksgiving I was also able to visit an old friend and her family and get them some updated family photos! Though still-life is more my niche, I do really enjoy meeting up and spending time capturing moments for folks!

Casey's kids are some of the cutest I have ever met. I shot both Brayden and Dawson when they were tiny, fresh newborns, so it was such a cool experience seeing them as such handsome little dudes being not only amazing big brothers to their little sister, but such good friends.

                                                                                                     That look! Melts my heart.

                                                                                           They just adore their little sister.

This was my second time meeting Kinley, and she is such a sweet little girl...and uh, how about those baby blues?! Beautiful!

                                                                                       Easy to see where she gets them from!

It's such a heart warming experience to visit Casey and her kids throughout the years to see how they're growing and transforming into such great little people!